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Adli Rizkallah Creative Story Telling Workshop at Kotob Khan
Date: Sunday 3 July 2011 - Tuesday 26 July 2011
Venue: Kotob Khan
Type: Children Program

Our aim is to develop your children’s artistic Skills and scientific thinking abilities as well as enhance the positive development of their characters ‘ Character Building .’


Age Group: 8-12 years old             


From Sunday 3/7 till Tuesday 26/7


Program A: on Sundays 10:30-12:00 (4 sessions)


Program B: on Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 (4 sessions)

Fees: 280 L.E per program


Program of activities:

Story Telling, Origami, and Arts and Crafts


Session 1: Difference is a Source of Richness

Session 2: With Every Ending comes a New Fresh Beginning   

Session 3: The Treasure is in Me

Session 4: The Power of Dreaming


Rizkallah Art Team applies the method developed and the books created by the artist Adli Rizkallah, winner of:  The IBBY Prize ( Switzerland ), The NOMA concours Prize ( Japan ) and Anna Lindh Foundation List of Honor


The deadline for registration is 4 days before the starting date of each program


For more information about Adli Rizkallah Workshops, please visit our Events Page on the website: www.adlirizkallah.com or contact us by email on contact@adlirizkallah.net .


Adress of Kotob Khan: 3/1 EL Lasilky Road, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
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