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Parents Guide - Summer Workshop in Qirtassiya
Date: Wednesday 22 June 2011 - Sunday 31 July 2011
Venue: Qirtassiya
Type: Children Program





The artist Adli Rizkallah has made widely known contributions to literature and art for children, in Egypt , in the Arab World as well as at the international level. ‘Adli Rizkallah Project for Children’ is the fruit of the artist’s unique method and exceptional vision using a learning method known as ‘Play and Learn through Art.’ In Rizkallah’s project, learning and acquisition of skills, values and bases of different sciences are the result of gaming using refined drawings of a superior level. Throughout the artist’s career, he published over 40 books in different countries such as France, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Egypt in addition to publishing in two of the most renowned French children magazines: ‘Perlin et Pinpin’ and ‘Pomme D’api.’


Children Books Prizes:


1-     The IBBY Prize ( Switzerland )


2-     The NOMA Concours Prize ( Japan )


3-     Leipzig Book Fair Prize ( Germany )


4-     Bologna Book Fair Prize ( Italy )


5-     Anna Lindh Foundation List of Honor.   

For more information about the artist’s publications, please check the following link:




I-Parent/Child @ Home Activity:

Monday 4/7/2011 : On Monday, every child will choose an animal out of the hat . He/she will be asked to conduct a modest research at home with the help of his/her parents on this particular animal. Children will be encouraged on different occasions (starting from Wednesday 8/6) to share the details/information they have learned about their chosen animals with their mates.


1- Books required: Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 from 'Tamr, play, play and Learn.' Author: Adli Rizkallah

 ‘Tamr, Play, Play and Learn,’ is a set of activity books (10 volumes) designed to develop children’s artistic skills and scientific thinking abilities through refined art. The games of ‘Tamr, Play, Play and Learn’  - winner of many prizes including  the IBBY prize (Switzerland) -are designed to prod children to use logic, observation, investigation, analysis, and reasoning, which foster the development of their problem solving skills as well as their logical and critical thinking abilities.

During July program, only Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are required and they can be bought separately from the whole set.

For more information about the books please check the below link:


2- Apron:

Children are required to bring an apron at the workshop as some of the activities involve messy arts! 

3- Snack:

Children are invited to bring a light snack to eat during break time.

III- Tips and recommendations:

@Home Story Telling Sessions

Children usually want to listen again to the stories told during the workshop and engage in interactive conversations with their parents about them. As part of their quality time with their children, we encourage parents to conduct '@Home Story Telling Sessions'.  We recommend that parents read first the list of guidelines written in the last 2 pages of most of Adli Rizkallah’s stories, as they suggest to the teller a number of important subjects and values to highlight and discuss while telling each story.

General guidelines provided by the artist Adli Rizkallah to the story teller:

·        Read the story first before starting the story telling


·        Use a simple language while telling the story and don’t use the classical Arabic language that is used in the text


·        Please feel free to improvise and add details to the original text


·        It is recommended to encourage the child to discover the values highlighted in the stories without stating them to him directly 


·        Make the story telling as interactive as possible by encouraging your child to have a postive and a creative input in the events and details of the stories

July program will cover 3 stories created by the artist Adli Rizkallah:

1- 'The Last Leaf '


2- 'The Beautiful City'


3- 'The Bird of the Northern Countries'

4- 'The White Goose'


IV- Visiting Artists:

Wednesday 6/7 : Yasser El Serafy (Violin)      

Yasser El Serafi started studying the violin at the age of six at the Alexandria Conservatoire. After finishing his studies in Egypt , he engaged in advanced studies in France , the United States and Japan . In Matsumoto in Japan , he studied the Suzuki Method, which he is currently using in teaching violin to children starting from the age of 3 years old and to adults in Al Nour wel Amal Organization. He has been the concertmaster of the Mediterranean Orchestra, New Music, New Heaven and Rueil Malmaison Conservatoire. He has also been the Concertmaster of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra since 1993, where he gave recitals in Paris , Rome , Geneva and Japan . He received many awards on the National and International levels.   

Email: yasserelserafi@hotmail.com    

Wednesday 13/7 :Nour Hany Lotfy(Qanoun)   

Nour is only 10 years old but she has a rich talent that brought her attention as a Qanoun player since her early debut. When Nour was 4 years old, her musical gift became obvious as her delightful little voice was repeating melodies and her ears were catching musical notes with high precision.  Nour’s encounter with the renowned artist Nasseer Shama, is the reason why she played Qanoun; an instrument with which she fell in love immediately and on which she started playing with so much ease. After few months of training, Nour made a solo performance at the occasion of Children Cinema Festival and received a prize from the festival’s director for being the youngest Qanoun player in Egypt     

Email : nohakamal@link.net                                 Facebook Group: Qanoun ‘Nour Lotfy’   

Wednesday 20/7 :Nadya Shanab(Singer/Songwriter)    

Nadya Shanab is an Egyptian Singer/Songwriter of the World fusion genre. Her music is a fine blend of western acoustic, folk rock and Arabic music . Shanab's often haunting Songs are laced with oriental vocals, spiced up with passionate, heartfelt lyrics and resonating melodies. Songs often yo-yo between both Arabic and English lyrics while being anchored down by traditional rock/pop song structure. She moved to Liverpool in 2006 to pursue her dream of studying music at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and graduated in 2009 with a  BA (Hons) degree in Music. After a year of teaching music and specialist vocal classes both privately and at public schools around Liverpool , she returned to Egypt in 2011.   

Email: nadyashanab@gmail.com                           Website: www.nadyashanab.com

Special Thank’s:   

Special Thank’s to Mostafa Ali el Sherbini , the workshop’s Origami Animator, who got enthusiastic the moment I told him about our project. Mostafa is a generous man who offered a lot of his time during our brainstorming meetings to come out with creative ideas for the Origami sessions in the program.

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