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Adli Rizkallah: Play, Play, and Learn
Date: Sunday 1 May 2011 - Saturday 1 October 2011
Venue: Schools-Activity Centers-Bookstores
Type: Children Program

Play, Play and Learn program aims to develop children’s scientific thinking abilities and artistic skills through a series of entertaining sessions. In this program, the artist Adli Rizkallah has opted for a learning method known as "Play and Learn through Art" where learning and acquisition of skills, values, and bases of different sciences are the result of gaming using refined drawings of a superior artistic level. Rizkallah’s use of visual depiction as a learning medium develops children’s artistic skills and ability to appreciate different art genres. The games of this program are all designed to prod children to use logic, observation, investigation, analysis, reflective thinking and reasoning, which foster the development of their problem solving skills as well as their logical and critical thinking abilities.

Goals we achieve through Play, Play and Learn Program:

-          Developing children’s scientific thinking abilities.   

-          Introducing children to the bases and principles of modern mathematics and instilling the first facts of nature, biology and agriculture.                                                                     

-          Developing children’s creative and inventive skills as well as ability to think out of the box.   

-          Initiating children into the roots of modern visual art and to the bases of graphics.   

-          Developing a sense of beauty and a taste for different arts in order to encourage children to appreciate and open up to the heritages of different cultures and civilizations.   

-          Establishing a link between the child and the book, thus encouraging a passion for reading at an early age.   

-          Shaping independent and well-integrated personalities within their familial and social environments in order to build characters that are sociable and neither self-confining nor aggressive.

  Description of the program:

Play, Play and Learn program consists of 10 levels where each has specific learning goals to achieve. The sessions address children’s diverse needs and interests by offering them a variety of visual and experiential mediums such as workbook games, stories, board games, arts and origami special sessions, and field activities. The age range for this program is from 4 to 7 years old.
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