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Adli Rizkallah Creative Story Telling program
Date: Friday 1 April 2011 - Saturday 1 October 2011
Venue: Schools - Activity centers - Bookstores
Type: Children Program

Adli Rizkallah Creative Story Telling   is a program that teaches children values, ethics and skills through a series of creative story telling sessions. This program aims to enhance the positive development of children characters “character building”, hence shaping independent, open, responsible, curious, tolerant, positive, proactive and creative personalities. The story telling sessions are also designed to prod children to use logic, observation, analysis and reasoning, which fosters the development of their problem solving skills as well as their logical and critical thinking abilities.

This program addresses the individuality of each child covering both, his potentials and his weaknesses.   

The story telling sessions are thoroughly conducted in Arabic and all the drawings and stories are inspired from our Egyptian culture.

Goals we achieve through the story telling sessions:

-          Enhancing the positive development of children characters though learning different values, ethics and skills.

-          Developing feelings of identity, belonging and citizenship and fighting feelings of inferiority and incapacity.

-          Shaping independent and well-integrated personalities within their familial and social environments in order to build characters that are sociable and neither self-confining nor aggressive.

  -          Instilling the love and respect of life and nature.

-          Introducing children to basic information about nature, biology and agriculture.

-          Establishing a link between the child and the Arabic book, thus encouraging a passion for reading at an early age.

-          Developing a sense of beauty and a taste for different arts in order to encourage children to open up to the rest of the world and to different cultures.

Description of the program:

The program consists of 7 story telling sessions where each session has specific learning goals to achieve. The program addresses children’s diverse needs and interests by providing them with a number of challenging ideas and related activities. The sessions will cover 14 different stories created by the prominent artist Adli Rizkallah and will be divided into 3 age categories: Age Group A : 4-6 years old, Age Group B : 7-9 years old, and  Age Group C : 10-12 years old.

  The titles of the sessions:

1-     Session 1 : ‘I will make my country a  better place’ 

2-     Session 2 : 2 Topics -         

‘With every ending comes a new fresh beginning – with every death, a new life is born’  

‘The power of dreaming’

3-      Session 3 : ‘Green session’ for future environmentalists

4-     Session 4 : 2 Topics -         

‘The treasure is in me’ – children empowerment      

  ‘I can make a BIG difference by sharing’ – The importance of joining efforts and sharing the fruits of collaboration

5-     Session 5 : ‘I am a positive member in my society’ – being socially responsible by respecting others and contributing in one’s environment with a tangible work

6-     Session 6 : ‘The Curious artist in me’

7-     Session 7 : ‘Difference is a source of richness’   


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